Monday, October 29, 2007

Who is this guy AFI ?

This is a question for the ages. Clues have been scattered through the internet. Can you complete the puzzle?

Here is the original AFI post:

"Who am I? Most of you probably don't care and just want to continue absorbing the vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge I am providing in the areas of Automotive Finance.

Some might even be curious: why must I conceal my identity?

Well, if you arrived here through my website: or one of the other F&I blogs you know that I am a full-time Finance Director for a car dealership.

If the owner of my dealer group, much less - my GM found out what I do with a couple hours of company time each day, it would not bode well for my job security.

The time wouldn't be as much of an issue as would the f&i content I'm sharing for free with the world.

What would probably happen is that one of the numerous F&I training companies would come in trying to sell their programs to my dealership. They would see all of this and, after offering to hire me repeatedly through telephone calls, offerings and emails, will get pissed off when I won't jump ship and tell my managers what I'm doing here just for spite.

Or it might even be that the owner himself would type my name next to the characters: F&I in a google search window to see what comes up.

After extensive review of these insider sites, it would appear to him that my energies spent creating this mecca of finance wisdom and knowledge is probably a conflict of interest and that we should part ways so that I can consult in these areas full-time.

I am in no way in danger of being fired for any reason and would rather not be forced to have to think up any sudden explanations for my creation of these websites. You should just forget about trying to find out my identity and figure out if you might already know me ?

Either way it is none of anyone's business what I choose to put out there for the betterment of society.

Educating the public on what really goes on inside a car dealership cannot help but relieve the fear of the unknown that everybody has toward the F&I office.

It should also hopefully help the car salespeople when these customers come in. Just make a fair deal for yourself and the customer. Go to my site:

The Carmax down the street sells over 500 used cars per month at $2000 front end gross pru without any negotiation. Is it because they have fantastic salespeople? NO - they have order takers not REAL salespeople.

Why does Carmax sell so many more cars than an established franchised New Car Dealership ??? We will explore this answer in a future post.I'll keep saying it - if the independent franchise car dealership gets driven to bankruptcy by everyone buying below factory invoice, the consumer will be left paying a higher non-negotiable price from FACTORY-OWNED stores.

Sorry, I know this is'nt the soapbox blog. Feel free to comment or try to guess who I am. I'll do something cool for the person who finally figures it out.

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