Saturday, January 24, 2009

Douglas Nissan - Dealership Death Watch

This is the first post of a new segment on this blog titled "Dealership Death Watch". It will feature photos of automotive dealerships that are already closed or are on the chopping block.

Email photo's of dealerships you know are closed or closing to have them published to this collection. Email to

Douglas Nissan is History

Douglas Nissan in Orange County Florida

They did it to themselves. Read the article here:
Douglas Nissan Raided By DA's Office


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ProfitDrivers said...

Great idea for a new segment to your blog! Keeps us well informed about what is going on in auto land.

David Teves said...

How sad! How real! Thank you for this nearly toxic dose of automotive reality. It's sad times for Car Men everywhere.

David Teves

Anonymous said...

It's Douglas Nissan of Orange and it's not located in Florida... It's in Orange, CA - I used to work there in the service department, I had no Idea this crap was going on but glad I got out when I did.